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Real Estate Success Checklist - Why most Agents are doomed to fail in Real Estate Sales...

Updated: Apr 9

The Real Estate Recruiters Insight

Doing really well selling Real Estate is the goal of every Agent who get's their Real Estate License. We understand everyone who joins the industry has good intentions and big aspirations, but when the reality of what it actually takes to be consistently good at it sets in, most people aren't up to the task...

On the flipside, the ones that do make a good go of it, tend to do exceptionally well. Their the one's you see climbing the leader-board in the REB Top 100. Their only formula for success is their motivation & mindset to do the work it takes to be successful at it.

Wanting to be the best will only get you so far. You need a whole heap of background support to make it work and the best Real Estate Agents around the world already know this. Most Agencies are continually improving their offerings and support to Agents and it's hard to keep up with what's on offer. It's a smart move to pick up the phone and have a chat with an Experienced Real Estate Recruiter who has their finger on the pulse every day...

The Real Estate Monkey's - Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil is the wrong outlook when setting yourself up for success in Real Estate. You want to hear as much as you can, see as many scenarios as you can and speak with as many people as you can who understand what it takes to navigate success in Real Estate Sales...

Even if you are an experienced Agent already that want's to take your career to the next level, now could be the perfect time to reach-out, re-evaluate and re-position for success. It's never too late.

See how Aman Gulia left Real Estate after 6 months but came back and found success.

We know the statistics. 82% of people who start Real Estate bail-out in their first year or so, which leaves around 18% of diligent Agents who dig-in an make a solid go of it...These are the people we're looking for!

Finding that 18% is the task of the Recruiters and the Agency Principals...and it's a task not taken lightly. Most Agency Principals won't even entertain new-to-industry starters because their over the pain of training and putting their recourses into someone, only to have them resign just as quickly as they started... It's understandable yea... You need to show you are ready to commit to a career in Real Estate Sales and understand what your getting into.

It's because it's hard to get a start that most new Agents take the first Job they get offered with the first Agency that offers it. If people put a little more strategy behind their first move or next move into Real Estate, the outcome may pan-out much different. Australia's Top Agencies and Agents do take on new starters, but it can take the eye of the Recruiters they trust to identify the ones that have the right attributes, and convince them to take a harder look! Not all Agencies are created equally...

Using your Real Estate Recruiter to work out where you are now, where you want to go and formulating a plan of attack, using their networks to crack open the door to the right opportunities, could save you making a career ending mistake!

After spending the last 2 years sitting in the board rooms and coffee shop meetings with most of the countries top Agents, Principals, CEO's and Coaches...a few things have become very clear...

1) You need to be ready and willing to do the work. (there are no shortcuts).

2) You need to love what you're doing and jump-in with both feet.

3) You need to be financially stable for at least 6 months to a year's worth of savings. (or have someone at home supporting you) to give you the time needed to put deals together.

4) Get your head out of the clouds and realise you need to start somewhere.

5) You need to be good at building a business and selling.

6) You need to understand competitive analysis and apply that to your business.

7) Formulate a plan and work toward it (every day).

8) Align yourself with the right Brand or Agent who already has a strong track record of success.

9) Find a Mentor or Coach who is already in the REB Top 100.

As they say, fail to plan, plan to fail!

Reach out and have a chat...

Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment have become the Recruitment Agency of choice for many of Australia's top Real Estate Franchises, Independents and Boutique's. We are #1 on Google for Real Estate Recruitment and every review is 5 Stars.

Placed Australia are actively recruiting over 300 Roles at any one time and have direct access to Agency Principals, Owners & CEO's who trust us to find them the right talent for their business.

We Recruit Experienced Sales Agents, Sales Associates, Property Managers, BDM's, Sales Administrators, Sales & Office Managers, Executive Level roles and Commercial Real Estate & Development talent.

If you would like to talk to one of our Real Estate Recruiters about setting yourself up for success and see what opportunities that are available for you now, call anyone of our team today! It could be the best call you have made all year...

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