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The market is changing! Is now a good time to get into Real Estate Sales?

Updated: Apr 9

If you have been considering selling Real Estate but are holding back because of interest rate rises and changing market conditions, then we thought we should highlight some key points that may make you re-consider...

The reality is, regardless of market changes, property still transacts (lots of property) and it's usually at higher prices than in previous years. The jobs market in Real Estate is still very strong with high demand in both Property Management & Real Estate Sales.

When interest rates start rising (like we are seeing now), it stands to reason that more people will come under renewed pressure with mortgage repayments, especially investors, and it can push more & more people down-the-line of selling-up...

With more & more property expected to come on the market toward the end of 2022 / 2023, the industry will need good Agents on the ground to sell them. Even if prices do soften due to more available stock, it's not really going to affect an Agents earning potential, in fact, it should be better. (More stock, easier to list and transaction volume should stay reasonably strong).

Getting listings should be much easier than in the previous 2 years and with people still focused on "lifestyle" moves around the country...there will always be that will just have to work to find them.

Sure, it may take a little longer to sell some properties, and you my face some fierce negotiating, but that's normal. The last 2 years have been nuts with super-fast sales although, getting enough stock to sell was the big problem most Agents faced, so realistically... it kinda evens out...

As we already know, there are always challenges for Real Estate Sales in any market condition and as they say, the best time to get in was yesterday...

We have seen some strong pricing predictions, especially in SEQLD leading up to the 2032 Olympics, as this recent Article by Domain suggests: Read more here

Aligning yourself with the right Agency is super important. In harder markets where people are forced to sell and need to get a result quickly, they will inevitably turn to an Agency or Agent they trust to get the job done. This comes with time in the market, so the sooner you start, the better...but joining an Agency with an already established Brand will help!

Setting yourself up for success:

Success selling Real Estate also comes down to you and your ability to be a good Agent. You also need to understand what your getting into and be ready to commit. Selling Real Estate is not a "normal Job" and if you want to know the warts and all about getting into Real Estate and what's involved, you need to read this article - Click Here.

If you are already in Real Estate Sales, how do you know if you're with a good Agency or not? Learn more here

As specialist Real Estate Recruiters, we see many Agent's struggling in the market when they realistically should be kicking big goals. It comes down to the Agency they are with and the support and training they have access to.

Changing Agencies is not as scary as you may think, and we help loads of good Agent's navigate over to new Agencies who are better positioned to help the Agent's achieve their goals.

We see Agent's we have assisted in making a move to a new Agency really start to thrive and, in some cases, double or even triple their GCI as a result. You have to really think about getting yourself in the right position to maintain success when selling Real Estate, and this is something we spend a lot of time on with candidates who are looking for their next move.

If you are thinking of getting into Real Estate Sales and need to organise your Real Estate Cert/License, we recommend having a chat with Validum Institute -

If you are looking for assistance to get into Real Estate or an established Agent looking to change Agencies, please contact any one of the team at Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment today - It could be the best call you have made this week...

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