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It never hurts to Have a Chat! Changing Agencies is not as scary as you think...

Updated: Apr 9

If you're an established Real Estate Agent, Property Manager or Real Estate Support Person, and thinking of making a move, reaching out to a Recruiter could be one of the best calls you can make...

Placed Australia have become the Real Estate Recruitment Agency of choice for many of Australia's best known Agency Brands, Boutiques and Independents and we have direct access to hundreds of opportunities all under one roof!

Andrew from Placed Australia caught up with Dean Yeo - "The Rent Roll Broker" a few weeks ago...

We have Recruiters strategically placed from Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and everywhere in between. We have great relationships with Agency Principals who contact us regularly to help them find great talent.

It's never a good time to move Agencies once your in the grind, but for some, not moving could be the worst thing for your GCI, earning potential and future in Real Estate Sales.

It really is as simple as picking up the phone and having a chat with a Placed Australia Recruiter. We understand the different Agency structures, comm splits and what Agencies offer as far as Training, Leads and how other Agents are performing under these structures.

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