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Is Routine & Structure the Key to Selling Real Estate?

Updated: Apr 9

Let's be honest...there are a lot of moving parts to selling property. Most people don't realise the amount of activity that has to happen behind the scene to bring a successful sale to life.

For most Agents, they find their grove with the right team who support and guide them on their Real Estate Journey and they hone their skills over time. Some FastTrack their success by learning the routine and structure of selling Real Estate and their usually the ones that go on to be REB top 100 Agents...

You can pay for as many "Real Estate Coaches" or "Sales Courses" as you like...but there will be a running theme throughout all of them..."Plan for Success".

If you're tuning up to work every day and hoping for the best...your wasting you time...

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If you get the chance to hear any of Australia's top-performing Real Estate Agents speak about how they found success in Real Estate, you will hear that it's usually around the same time they found Routine & Structure.

As professional Real Estate Recruiters, we are in the best position to learn what makes a good Agents tick...and the theme is the same for all for the best ones,...structure!

Usually, it's super-hard to get top-performers on the phone on any given day because their relentlessly doing the work needed to execute their plan...

So how do you find Routine & Structure? It's relatively easy. You visualise what you want to achieve for the year. You set a business or personal target, then reverse engineer what activity you have to do each month, week and day to get there...and then action it!

So what are the top 10 (bare minimum) things you need in your Routine / Structure & Planning?

Let's quickly work it out. Let's say you want to sell 50 Properties this year. Good goal for any Agent yea?

1) Work out what activity you need to do to list 1 Property.

2) Work out how many cold calls, letter box drops, Marketing etc it takes to get one sold.

3) Work out how many Houses you need to sell each month to reach 50 in a year. (4.16).

4) If it usually takes 100 phone calls to get one sold, you know you have to make 400 a month.

5) If you know you have to organise at least 30 people to turn up to an open home to sell one, you need 120 people to turn-up each month to sell 4 Properties a month. (this should compound).

6) If you know you need 120 + people at opens a month, what does that cost to attract in Marketing budget? Set that budget aside each month and use it relentlessly. (Invest back in you).

7) Work out what the best marketing channel for you to attract the right buyers & sellers? Lead Gen, Advertising on Socials or something else? (Get advise from other top-performers).

8) Work out the best times in the day to be on the phones or do Admin (update your systems). 9) Work out your "after sale care" activities. Ask for Google Reviews, Leads from Buyers & Sellers.

10) Work out your downtime period. Family-time is super important. No point in earning all that money if your coming home to an empty house. Work out what weeks are the best time to go on holiday, and share the holiday plans with you family so they know what to look forward to. Don't plan holidays in the middle of peak selling months.

There is one more step to ensuring you find success....

11) The X Factor Plan. You need to work out if the Agency you are with is helping you achieve all of the above with the least resistance possible. If you already know your Brand is doing nothing toward supporting you in making the above as easy as us and we can help you find and Agency that will.

This is how all the top-performing Sales professionals around the world operate. Like any sales role, you have to make each goal achievable. If it's not achievable, you will lose motivation and your plan will go out the window.

If you are thinking of switching Agencies or if you are looking for the best Real Estate Talent in the market in any given month, please reach out to the Team at Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment today.

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