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Why is a Mentor or Coach so important to finding success selling Real Estate?

Updated: Apr 9

Success selling Real Estate, for anyone who decides to make it their career, doesn't come easy!

The difference between Agents who find success faster and the ones who struggle through, mainly comes down to training, good mentors and the right attitude...

Does joining the right team and having the right support have much to do with it? Of course it does, but more importantly, investing in yourself becomes far more rewarding as you travel throughout your career...

How many times have you heard the cliché's? "Birds of a feather, flock together", "You are the company you keep", "Cut from the same cloth", "Singing the same tune", "Cast from the same mold", "In the same boat" get the idea...

The vast majority of the most successful Agents and Agency Principals contribute much of their success to having the right guidance and training during their career and some, no matter how successful they become, still have a mentor or coach they speak with regularly to keep them on course...

When looking for a new Job in Real Estate, there is a lot to consider. Who is the Agency? Who's in the team? How successful are they? If I join them...will I find the same success? All these questions are super-important to consider right? But how many Agents actually take control of their own education? Not many from what I see... The ones that do...and openly tell you that they pay for a Real Estate Coach or Mentor as part of their own education are usually the ones killing it...

When joining a Real Estate Agency, your Sales Manager / Principal is hoping you will go forward and crush selling Real Estate. They want you to succeed, but like many business's, they have entire sales teams, business meetings, listings to manage, property management divisions with sometimes thousands of Properties under Management, and trying to juggle all this and train each individual can represent serious challenges to say the least...

What most Agency Principals want to know at the end of each week is:

  1. How many listings did you get this week?

  2. Have you advertised the property?

  3. How many buyers do you have coming to your opens?

  4. Have you qualified them?

  5. How are you finding buyers?

  6. Have you made enough calls?

  7. How many properties did you sell this month?

  8. Are you doing the right things to ensure you will sell more next month?

  9. If not, why not?

It's true, some Agencies are better at training than others, but in most cases, you are never going to get the ongoing support you need to acquire all the skills you will need to make it a successful venture in the short-term...and for most, they need to find success quickly so they don't go broke in the meantime!

Would you Sail a Boat to New Zealand if you've never sailed before?

If an Agency gives you a Job selling Real Estate as a representative of their business, it's like them putting you on the deck of their new $1m + sailing boat (their Agency), spending the month with you sailing around the bay and showing you the rope's. At some point you have to push beyond being shown and grab the wheel yourself and have a crack, you just have to do...

If the Agency feels they have given you a crash course on how to sail, and you should be good to would you feel about being asked to sail the boat solo to New Zealand? How confident will you feel doing this on your own when you've only had a bit of training?

It's a big task right? So much can go wrong...especially if you don't have access to someone for advice all the time... Everyone should have enough sense to realise that setting off on you own to New Zealand on the Boss's new boat is going to be touch and go... You might make it, you might not...more than likely not right? So why would you treat selling Real Estate differently?

A mentor or coach is like paying someone to come with you for the journey. An experienced Sailor who has a long esteemed track record of sailing and can guide you on what to do and when. Sometimes the Principal doesn't care how you sail there, as long as you get there...but some Agents try to do it on their own and it's no wonder they turn around and head back to port as soon as the conditions get tough...

Of course, some Agencies team you up with one of their star performer's, and some provide weekly training and some even pay for an esteemed trainer or mentor to come in each week or month to help the team...but ultimately there is a limit to what they can provide before you need to step up yourself...

If you know you want to be amazing at selling Real Estate, it makes sense to get mentored by someone who is already great at selling Real Estate!

Finding an Agency that has the capacity to provide you with as much training as they can is always the best start, especially whey they have top performers in their business that can assist. Beyond that...educating yourself on your own time is not something most people are used to doing, but can mean the difference between reaching your destination successfully or jumping overboard...

If you would like to talk to any of our Real Estate Recruiters who are aware of what Agencies have the better setups for where you are in your journey, please reach out to any of the team at Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment today for a confidential chat.

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