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Do we overcomplicate Success? The Forrest Gump Approach and why it shouldn't be any harder than that

Updated: Apr 9

I think we all overcomplicate success...over think it, over strategise it even...

As I was in the middle of onboarding some new team members into our Real Estate Recruitment Team this week, it dawned on me that the actions I am training my team to perform are no different to Agency Principals in Real Estate businesses right across the country who need their Agents to list and sell...

The Basic Actions:

Pick up the phone relentlessly,

Pitch your service,

Win as many listings as you can (pick-up jobs),

Advertise to attract buyers (Applicants),

Call people on your database interested in buying or find new buyers (Headhunt),

Screen / Qualify applicants, (make sure their the right ones)

Organise an inspection / Open Home (Interview),

Negotiate offers and present them,

Close the deal....

then repeat 100 times throughout the year...

The actions of listing and selling have been the same forever...and we all know there is a pretty clear formula of actions that, if performed like clockwork, result in sales... simple!

So what does Forrest Gump have to do with any of this?

Of course, all sales type people need to have the right aptitude and skills for the Job, present well and have super-clear communication...but apart from that, I find the ones that simply do what is asked of them (stick to the proven process) seem to be the ones that find success the fastest...a bit like Forrest Gump...

I usually see the ones that fail, simply overthink or over strategise or they bring some new fandangoed approach of automating the tasks or see themselves as above doing the process...(or look to others to do it for them...)

Everything Forrest Gump was told to do, he just did it without question. If he was told to Run, he ran and kept running because no one told him to stop... When he played Ping-Pong, he was told "Don't take you eye off the ball" so, he watched that ball and got so good, he played on the world stage. When he was playing football, he was told to "Run the ball" and he ran that get the idea...

Forrest Gump found success with almost everything he touched because he just did the actions that the process required without questioning it... The entire basis of the movie is about a guy who is seemingly stupid to everyone else around him...find more success in one lifetime than any of them could logically fathom, and they are left scratching their heads, baffled, and asking how?...

Sargent Dan was so baffled by Forest's simple ways of doing stuff it infuriated him to no-end. How can it be that someone who is obviously a few cards short of a full-deck...end up landing on his feet with everything he touches. Sargent Dan eventually rationalised his situation and gave-in or surrendered to the mindset, and joined Forest and started doing things differently and found success. If you can't beat'em, join'em right!

I think the moral here is if you find someone in life that has the formula...who are you to question how? Why would you come in and change anything...?

"Stupid is as stupid does" as Forrest would say.

Food for thought...

If you are looking for a new Job or Talent in Real Estate, please reach out to any one of our dedicated Real Estate Recruiters @

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