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How to move your entire Real Estate Team to another Agency...

Updated: Apr 9

Moving your entire Real Estate Team to another Brand can be daunting although it happens more regularly than you might think. Some Agency Principals make the hard decision to re-position and re-brand all the time, but where do you start?

Firstly, it's smart to have a buffer. There are things you can tell your Recruiter that can be positioned properly when approaching and negotiating with another network. It also gives the network representative a buffer too and gives them the room they need to negotiate the right deal with you.

It doesn't matter if you have a team of 2 or 22 +...our Recruiters help Agency Principals navigate a move to a new structure all the time and in most cases, it's the best decision they have made.

Running a successful Agency is not a "one size fits all" approach. Starting your own Agency and being successful at it is the aim of most Agents when they get into Real Estate...but, it's not as simple as finding a shopfront and opening for business. There is much much more to consider...

Firstly let's dive into some of the reasons why an Agency Principals might decide to make a switch...

1) Market Penetration & Branding. Winning listings and selling the most Real Estate is the aim of every Agency. It's pure numbers. The more listings you can win & sell, means the less listings your competitors sell, and eventually you will take an area position as the market leader and secure your business for many years ahead.

This should be the aim of every Principal. This is why you get out of bed yea?

To give you a little perspective. I was invited to group day with one of the biggest Agency Brands in the market recently, and got to listen to the presentation, see the numbers and spend some time with the CEO. I was the only Recruiter they invited. They had just invested $83 Million in new led generation Tech to support their franchise network. That's a serious investment to help their Agencies win more listings...

If you have started your own Independently Branded Agency and you're finding competitors keep beating your Agents to listings or you've had a falling out with your current Franchise Group and not getting the support you were promised, it can become demoralising for you and your Team and it can all start to fall apart pretty quickly...

You can be the nicest Principal in the world and have genuine intentions of support & growth for your Agents, but if you're finding that's just not enough and you're continually loosing Agents to competitors, and after this has happened enough times, and you loose enough Agents & could be a great time to consider a complete change of tactic.

Market Penetration & Branding is vitally important in selling Real Estate, and you want the machine to work to your advantage. You want as little friction as possible so you can concentrate on selling.

Some Agency Principals see huge advantages in making a switch to pick-up vital systems and processes that contribute to running a successful Agency.

2) Recruiting. Winning the talent attraction game. Let's be very real here. Not only is winning listings competitive, but attracting the right talent to your Agency is even more competitive and it's vital for growth.

Sales Agents are curious creatures, but their interest will inevitably gravitate to where they think they can make the most money and their decision making comes down what they will get if they come and join you. (Agency Value Proposition.)

If you're sick and tired of making offers to good Agents to join your Agency, only to find they keep accepting roles with your competitors, you might be considering what you can do to turn the tables.

Sales Agents will gravitate to brand recognition and track record. If you're an Industry recognised successful Agent in the eyes of the entire market (REB Top 100) and you decide to go out on your own under your own Brand, this makes perfect sense to other Agents and they will more than likely want to be a part of that success story.

If you struggled as a Sales Agent but decided being an Agency Owner would keep you in the game, and you can simply recruit good Agents to do the heavy lifting, you might find Agents less likely to join you. If this is the case, you want to make sure there are other reasons why Agents will see value in joining your team...otherwise your going to find it super tough...

What to do from here...

1) Ask your Team if they feel a change would be a good move. See what they say.

2) Ask them if you started making enquiries if they would keep an open mind about options.

3) Involve your Team and get their feedback on what Brands they would or wouldn't consider.

4) Ask them if the right opportunity came up, if they would be willing to make the switch with you.

5) Consider if you have any Rental Properties under Management, if that business could come too.

6) Consider if you have a shopfront already, if you would stay where you are or want to let it go.

7) Have the figures ready for each one of your team.

Being prepared will make the process faster and you will have better conversations with your Recruiter and any prospective Agency Networks.

You may have an Agency Brand in mind, only to reach out, have a meeting or 2 and find the structure is not exactly what you were hoping for. We recommend speaking with several Agencies (which we can organise for you) before making any decisions. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Take Action - Pick up the phone...

If any of the reasons above, or one of 100 more have peaked your interest in find out more about making a switch, it's as easy as picking up the phone and having a chat with one of our Friendly Recruiters today...

We have some of the very best opportunities in the market for the right people. It never hurts to have a chat...

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