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Looking for work? You need a Resume...a good one!

Updated: Apr 9

The idea of selling the house, selling the boat or caravan, pulling the kids out of school, government funded support, taking money out of your superannuation...or closing down your business. This is the last thing most people dreamed they would be facing in the first half of 2020! COVID-19 has really thrown a spanner in the works for most Families, Business's and their Employees too. We could be looking at some serious competition for Jobs in the coming year or fact, it could be the toughest Job market in recent history...

Some companies are unfortunately closing their doors or, adjusting how they do business entirely, leaving very capable employees suddenly looking for work...any work!

Don't sit back thinking things will be OK... The market was on shaky ground before COVID-19. Forget stockpiling toilet need to get prepared for the job market battle. There will be candidates from all industries suddenly finding themselves looking for work and some will be prepared to take just about anything.

If you find yourself looking down the barrel of another Job Hunt or, you might be entering the workforce for the first time... putting together a Resume & Cover Letter is a must...although it can be a daunting task indeed... Placed Australia (Recruitment Agency) have made it easier than ever to get a start by compiling some of the best Resume Templates & matching Cover Letters that no Recruiter or Employer will be able to rightly resist taking a closer look at...

As Recruiters, we get so many people asking what they can do to better their chances of getting more interviews...and we usually start with their Resume. A good CV will work magic. It will open doors and ultimately see you get offers!

By using a saves you trying to figure out a good layout. Its not the time to test your resume writing need results. We only offer Layouts that are proven to work and get people interviews. The Layout is already done for just replace the text on the Template with your own's as simple as it gets.

You would be surprised at just how many people don't take the time to do a good Resume. They sort-of... throw it all together at the last minute and send it off hoping for the best...and wonder why they dont get a follow up call for an interview.

Take a look at one of our downloadable Resume Templates below...then take quick peek at your current CV, Hmmm... which one is going to get the interview?

You can access any of our professional CV templates through the Placed Australia Recruitment Website in our new online shop. Professional Resume Writers and other Recruiters are welcome to download the templates also. Simply order, download the template and start editing. The file also comes with a "How to Guide" so you can edit like a pro...

You will need to know basic MS Word to edit the mock Template with your own details... but we've made it as easy as possible to do. It also woks on Mac.

Don't leave your Job prospects to chance. Our Resume & Cover Letter Templates are easy to use and look amazing. They will work for you...not against you..

Order today... Click Here.

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