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Placed Australia Opens for Business October 2020!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We are very pleased to introduce you to Placed Australia.

You maybe thinking it's somewhat odd to open a new Real Estate Recruitment Agency in the middle of a global COVID lock-down...or is it? With so many people re-adjusting their lives...businesses closing or re-vamping, staff forced to work from home and some looking for their next step...we are sure it's just the right time to open for business... Placed Australia has been established to provide nothing less than Recruitment Excellence across all areas of Real Estate, Property & Finance.

As our world has have we. Our full service Recruitment Agency is founded on a new generation framework that combines traditional recruitment methods with the latest strategies to attract the right talent.

The ability to be flexible, nimble and considerate of our changing environment to help great business's connect with great candidates is our soul focus...

Were pushing the boundaries on new ways of how we approach talented individuals that are influential in their given markets across a new world of Social Recruiting, Video Marketing, Blogging and Networking.

Our end-to-end Recruitment services range from effortless connections for Permanent Hires, Applicant Screening, Shortlisting, Appointment Setting, Psychometric Testing, Resume Building, through to Retained Executive Search Assignments. We can even plant our recruiters in-house as an extension of your business for those high-volume projects.

Our take on Recruitment is refreshing in a rapidly changing world. It's our aim to offer very flexible hiring strategies and go back to building great professional relationships with great people.

Come and check out our Website - & Join us on Facebook -

Our Blog...

We will be publishing lots of insights, job vacancies, tips and hints for both Business and Candidates over the coming months on our Blog. You can check back regularly or join our mailing list to be notified.

If you are currently looking for work or looking to us today to find out how Placed Australia can help you. 0474 947 545

Best Regards

Andrew Turnbull - Founder Placed Australia

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