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Happy Birthday! Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment Celebrates 1 Year in Business...

Updated: May 5, 2022

Placed Australia - Real Estate Recruitment Specialists

What a roller-coaster....Its been so busy, Placed Australia almost forgot to stop to celebrate our very first year in Business!...

We wish to thank all our Valued Clients and we congratulate all the Candidates who reached out to us to help them with their next move and were offered amazing opportunities with amazing Agencies...

Although it's been a hugely successful year...we treat every month like its our first month in business and our careers depend on being successful...

Means to an End...

We launched Placed Australia at the end of Oct 2020, with a vision just to keep ourselves working while the country went in and out of COVID lock-downs...

With no real idea what lay ahead and facing being potentially jobless, instead of sitting on the side-line, we decide to do something, using a bit of website building know-how and entire careers worth of Executive level Recruitment Skill behind us...we forged a new breed of Recruitment Agency specifically designed to support the Queensland Real Estate Industry...

What sets us apart:

We introduced a new innovative and fair Recruitment Fee Model for our clients, when other recruiters took advantage. We held strong to our belief that integrity is everything... and we work hard toward long-standing business partnerships over quick wins...

We are pleased to say that Placed Australia has continued to soar up the Google Ranks this year to find ourselves in Position #1 for Real Estate Recruitment Brisbane & Position #2 Nationally.

Every Review is 5 Stars...

We are very pleased to be told regularly by our clients that they find us head and shoulders above all the other Recruitment Agencies that operate in this space...

If you're a Recruiter or a very experienced Real Estate Sales Expert looking for a change, we need more Recruiters to join us... If you know anyone...please send them our way!

With our first 12 Months behind us...we set our sights on the next 12 Months.

We Recruit:

Entire Real Estate Teams (Principals with teams looking to jump brands)

Sales Managers / Team Leaders

Residential Real Estate Agents

Sales Associates

Property Managers Trainee Property Managers

PM Business Development PA's / EA's Concierge / Reception Contracts Admin Mortgage Brokers Commercial Sales & Leasing Project Development Project Marketers Project Sales Social Media Marketers & Lead Generators

...and anything else our clients need

If you are an Experienced Real Estate Professional looking for a new opportunity in Queensland Real Estate, please reach out to us for a chat today on 0474 947 545 or email your CV to

When is the right time to switch Agencies?

Our team have solid working relationships with the best Agencies & Boutiques in the state and can put you in front of the key Agency Principals who can help explode your GCI.

Its Your Move

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