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Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment expands to other States!

Updated: Apr 9

Placed Australia - Real Estate & Property Services Recruitment, have been operating exclusively in the Queensland market for the past 2.5 years and are pleased to announce they have recently opened the doors to all States and Territories across Australia...

Placed Australia has become the Recruitment Agency of choice for many of Queensland's top Agencies through dedicating themselves to the task of finding great talent across Real Estate, and they have continued to out-perform the rest of the competition in that market, which has opened-up opportunity for steady expansion internally...

Why now?

Slow and steady has always been the strategy of Placed Australia Founder Andrew Turnbull who says "It's always tempting to throw open the doors and try to service the entire country from the beginning, but by keeping the business contained in Queensland for the past 2.5 years has given us the solid foundation I wanted, before servicing other States."

"We didn't know what was going to eventuate coming off the back of 2 years of COVID lockdowns. Queensland was the least effected by the lockdowns, so it made sense to just concentrate on our patch where we had more work than we could service, and to be fair... we wanted to make sure the rest of the county was open for business too..."

"Catching a flight anywhere over the past 3 years was a logistical nightmare...but it's getting back to normal now... and we can jump on a jet whenever we need to...if we need to." Andrew said.

"We make lots of placements across all areas of Real Estate and our goal is to always service our clients needs to the best of our ability. We even make lots of placements with Clients we have never met in person" Andrew said. Our clients come to trust us implicitly. They just want to get the job filled and are glad to know we're on it for them..."

Placed Australia have built solid working relationships with some of the biggest Real Estate brands, Independents & Boutiques in the country. "These relationships have served us well and are integral to our expansion moving forward..."

"It's in our name, "Placed Australia", not "Placed Queensland" and it has always been the overall plan to service Australia wide and now we do!" Andrew noted...

"Even though Recruitment has always been an industry that favours a "Work from Home" workforce, COVID really did us a lot of favours with bringing almost everyone online with ZOOM meetings, Teams meetings, Online chats and Video calls... People prefer this method of doing business now...which allows us to streamline what we do, be faster to market and not take up too much of peoples time to get things rolling!" Andrew said.

The focus moving forward...

Placed Australia will continue to concentrate on what they do well...helping Real Estate & Property Services business attract the best available Talent to their networks. Opening up to the rest of Australia gives our Candidates more opportunities too...

Placed Australia have expanded their team recently to cover things like Recruiting into Conveyancing, Mortgage Finance, Facilities Management, Body Corporate, Development & Project Marketing as well as continuing to work on all roles in Commercial & Residential Real Estate...

"We have a great team of dedicated Recruiters who work on commission only, motivating them to go extra mile, work around the clock, pick up the phones, do the hard yards to uncover exceptional talent for our clients"...

Click the Image to Meet the Team

No matter if you're a Real Estate Agency, Development Company or provide Services the Property Industry like Conveyancing, Mortgage Broking, Lead Generation or Marketing etc, if it has anything to do with Real Estate & Property, Placed Australia can help you Recruit.

To learn more about Placed Australia, visit their website or reach out to any one of the team for a chat today. Regardless if your looking for a new role or talent for your business anywhere across Australia...Placed Australia are always on-hand to assist!

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