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Experienced Real Estate Sales Agents & Associates - Recruiting Now!

Updated: May 6

Experienced Real Estate Sales Agents & Associates - Recruiting Now!

Placed Australia have become the Recruitment Agency of choice for many of Australia's best known Real Estate Agency franchise networks, boutiques and independents…

If you're an Experienced Agent  selling anywhere from 12 to 100 + Properties a year, and you want to work at the best Agencies or work along-side some of the best high-performing Real Estate Sales Teams in Australia…then you will want to apply today!

Our clients literally make up the best of the best in Real Estate. We have recruited hundreds of Experienced Sales Agents for their teams across Australia who have gone on to double or even triple their GCI as a result…

Using Placed Australia to help you find the perfect role doesn't cost an Agent anything. It could be the best call you've made all year. Our clients pay us to find them the right Agents...and they're screaming out to us daily to help them secure the right Real Estate talent to join their networks…

Why would you use a Recruiter to move Agencies? You wouldn't recommend to your seller to try and sell their house on their own right? You'd say “Good luck with that". Having a Recruitment Agent to secure you the right opportunity is the same… It's all about how it's presented, positioned, negotiated and closed… We do all the heavy lifting to get you the outcome you want...


Don't settle for mediocrity… Real Estate Sales is not a business to waste time plugging away in an Agency that doesn't give you the support or guidance you need if you want to level-up. If something needs to change, only you can change it, you must take steps! (nothing changes, if nothing changes).

Why settle with selling 12, 20, 30 properties a year when you can be on your way to selling 70 + in the right team?. Oh, your on a high comm-split already…awesome, but 70% - 90% of not much is not much…right?

Sales volume is the key to success selling Real Estate. The right branding, the right mentors and the right systems is key for sustained success…You want to align yourself with the best opportunity you possibly can so you can increase your sales numbers each year and increase your GCI...and we will help you get the right opportunity!  

We have the direct numbers and the ongoing relationships in place to ensure you get considered by most of the best known Agency Principals and CEO's in the country.

No matter what Agency you want to work for, we can get it done!


Who we need now:

  • Experienced Sales Agents writing between $150k GCI to $2m + GCI

  • Entire Teams that want to change Agency Brands.

  • Sales Managers that are experienced in growing top-performing teams.

  • Experienced Sales Associates (1yr + Exp) that want to help top-performing Agents explode their sales volume.

(You must have your Real Estate Cert/License already in-hand to apply) 


Anywhere across Australia form the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne…all the way to up to Cairns and everywhere in between.

We Recruit all Roles in Real Estate & Property : Real Estate Sales Agents, Sales Associates, Property Managers, Leasing Assistants, Sales Managers, Operations Managers, Admin Staff, Marketing and Reception roles, Commercial Real Estate, Project Marketing & more… If your looking for work (or staff) in Real Estate and have experience, contact us today!


Apply Now!

If you are an Experienced Real Estate Sales Agent or Associate looking for your next move, reach out and have a confidential chat with Andrew Turnbull - Founder @ Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment on 0474 947 545 or email today. You can also call any one of our Recruiters off our website based in your state…

P.S. Check our Real Estate Job Board on our website regularly for more Jobs in Real Estate being added daily.

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