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If you have recieved a copy of our Terms of Business already, outlining our Fees & Gurantees and you would like a Placed Australia Real Estate Recruiter to work on filling a role for you, we we ask all our employers to pay our $400 engagement fee upftont. This puts our Recruiter to work on your role immediately.


Once we have found you somone you wish to make an offer to, your engagement fee will be reimbursed and taken out of the recruitment fee.

Our engagement fee is simply to lock-in our services.

Placement of your role will be subject to the Recruitment Fee once we have sucessfully placed your role. 


What happens after I book my Job vacancy with Placed Australia?
A Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you ASAP to take a Job Breif. If you already have a Position Description...and this will be very handy and somthing we will use to explain to candidate why your job is all about.


You can e-mail a job brief through to your recruiter so thy know exactly the type of person you are looking for. We will also go through this with you over the phone and take notes.

Once we have established your brief...we will get to work on filling your Job...We will scour the lands, high & low to find that perfect candidates for your vacancy.

We use the latest Social Recruiting techniques, Our Database, Contacts, Job Boards, Headhunting and Referrals to attract a pool of the right candidates to assess on your behalf.


We will interview, shortlist and put forward the absolute best people we can find, with our notes on each for you to choose to interview. We will then call you to discuss each person on the shortlist...and organise interview times that suit.

What happens when I want to take one or more candidates you present?
Feel free to offer the candidate the Job. We will call you after your interviews to discuss next steps and you can let us know which (if any) of the candidates you would like to make an offer to. We will give the candidate(s) the great news and forward them all of your offer doccuments and get them returned.

We will conduct the candidate Reference Checks and forward the notes to you. 
Some Employers like to take care of some or all of these steps themselves...although plese note, we can do it all for you if you wish.

What if I don't want any of the candidates you present? 
Simply let your Recruiter know why...and we will keep searching until the role is filled. We will work with you until the role is placed.


Is the Engagemnet fee refundable?

We do refund the fee in the way of deducting it from your recruitment fee once we find you the perfect candidate. If we are unable to find you a candidate in time or you placed the role through other avenues other than us, the fee is not re-fundable.


What if the candidate doesn't work out?

All our Placements are guaranteed! If the candidate doesn't work out for whatever reason within the first 3 months of their start date...we will replace the role for you free of charge.

We look forward to Placing your role!

Employer Engagement Fee

  • Ordering any of our Services online is a great way to save time.

    Simply place your order, and a Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you within 24 hrs to get started.

    You can contact us to find out more about any of the Resume's or Services we offer in our Online Shop.

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