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$120 Per Hour - Estimated 2 Hours each Ad.
How many Job Ads have you seen that simply sound robotic... Blah...blah...Blah...?
There is no passion... You can just imagine what it's like to work there!  
The great news is...among all that blandness..there is an opportunity to stand out! This is where we can help...


Writing great Job Ads is a bit of an art form. Recruiters have to do this every day in a very competative market. They need the best Job Seekers to apply to their Ad, instead of the competitors Ads listed above and below them...sometimes for the same how do they do it? How do they get the edge?


You may want to do your own Recruitment...that's fine... but you may want that powerful "Recruiter Style" Job Ad working for you too... The great news is...yes...we can write that Job Ad for you, without the attachemt of Recruitment Fees.

Job Ads arn't cheap..(around $370 on Seek) so you want it to perform as best as possible for the outlay...

How does it work? your first hour online now...and a Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you to take your Position Description. They will also ask you about your Team, Your company Value proposition, where you sit in the market, culture and plans for the future... etc. From that, we will write a stunning Job Ad that you can use over and over again as needed.

Job Ads usually take 2 hours to complete...from the initial phone call to your Ad template sent back.
We get you to book the first hour now...and the final hour on completion and satisfaction of your Ad.


Having a "Recruiter Style" Job Ad working in your favour...should see you attract just the type of candidates you need.

Our work is guranteed. Your Ad works wonders...or your money back! Simple.

Job Ad Writing - Employers

  • Ordering any of our Services online is a great way to save time.

    Simply place your order, and a Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you within 24 hrs to get started.

    You can contact us to find out more about any of the Resume's or Services we offer in our Online Shop.

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