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We get it...your busy...the business needs your attention, but you also need those positions filled ASAP.
Most Employers work out what it's costing them to sit in interviews all day rather than working on what makes them money...

Placed Australia can help! We can take parts of the Recruitment process you don't have time or resourses to do effectively...without the tag of a Recruitment fee attached.


If you have a pool of candidates you would like us to professionally interview on your behalf...we can. We provide an unbias opinion on the best-fit candidates for the role so you can make the best desicion for your business.


We're flexible! We can come to your offices or we can organise to meet the candidates off-site or by Video Interview. Each interview would usually take 1 hour. We can organise to meet candidates back-to-back to ensure the process is completed in a timely manner.

We provide our full interview summary report on each candidate and submit this to you by the following day. We can then discuss each applicant so you can fit the pices together in the reports.

Outsoursing your Interviews is suprisingly common. We're standing by to assit.
Please book your first hour now...and a Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you ASAP to discuss your needs.

Interviewing Only - Employers

  • Ordering any of our Services online is a great way to save time.

    Simply place your order, and a Placed Australia Recruiter will be in contact with you within 24 hrs to get started.

    You can contact us to find out more about any of the Resume's or Services we offer in our Online Shop.

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